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Aklima Khatun
02 août 2022
In Forum DIY
Still rewarded with a good position. And yet the update is not unimportant, because especially for keywords with a lot of search volume and competition, the update can make the difference between place 1 or place 2 in the search results. My advice? Check if your most important pages are ready for the update. What does the Google Web Vitals Update mean? The Google Web Vitals are 3 factors that Google will use as a quality requirement for your website. The Google Web Vitals: LCP (Largest executive list Concertful Paint) FID (First Input Delay) CLS (Cumulative Layout Shift) These terms don't mean much by themselves, so let me explain them one by one. What is LCP? LCP stands for Largest Concertful Paint. The LCP indicates how quickly the largest image or a block of text is visible in the part that your visitor sees in your website. It answers the question: 'How long does it take for the largest piece of content the visitor can see to load?' A good score is a maximum. Seconds Google update LCP score LCP and FCP (First Concertful Paint) FCP does not take into account all elements that need to be loaded on a web page. That is why LCP indicates much better what the user experience is. This maps out how long it takes for the largest content block to load, while the FCP maps how long it takes for a random element to be loaded. The image below clearly shows that the FCP actually has no value for the visitor. This does not properly indicate that the page has loaded.
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Aklima Khatun

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